Here are some interesting articles and opinion pieces on business, creative, and social issues that for me seem to hold up over time:

“The Power of Mattering at Work” by Jennifer Breheny Wallace (Wall Street Journal: 12/1/22)

“When America’s Public Narrative Fractures, Can We Still Find Truth in Our Books?” by David L. Ulin (Los Angeles Times Op-Ed: 8/7/22)

“The American Dream Can’t Be a Sham” by Laura Forman (Wall Street Journal: 1/10/22)

“A Letter to the Unvaccinated” by Anita Sircar (Los Angeles Times: 8/17/21)

Why We Should Apply the Hawaiian Concept of ‘Malama’ to All Our Travels” by Jesse Ashlock (Conde Nast Traveler: 8/9/21)

The Drivers of Success” by Clifton Leaf (Fortune: 6/2/21)

“The Other Tragedy of January 6” by Robert Post (The Atlantic: 1/16/21)

Facebook is a Doomsday Machine” by Adrienne LaFrance (The Atlantic: 12/15/20)

The World Needs American Idealism Again” by Fareed Zakaria (Wall Street Journal: 11/20/20)

Good Luck, President-Elect Biden, You’ll Need It” by Al Franken (Los Angeles Times Op-Ed: 11/10/20)

Philosophy for a Time of Crisis” by Eric Weiner (Wall Street Journal: 8/27/20)

How to Sustain Momentum for the Anti-Racism Movement” by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Los Angeles Times: 7/7/20)

“Beckett Wrote It Out For You” by Charles McNulty (Los Angeles Times: 5/25/20)

“Is the Coronavirus Crisis Reason to Worry About How Other Nations View U.S. Leadership?” by David M. Schribman (Los Angeles Times: 5/8/20)

“Make America Immune Again” by Thomas L. Friedman (New York Times: 5/5/20)

“The Deep Rot Exposed by the Biden Flap” by Gerald Baker (Wall Street Journal—Editor at Large: 4/5/19)

“Talking Carmen Sandiego with ‘90s Executive Publisher Ken Goldstein” by Kate Willaert (A Critical Hit: 2/5/19)

“Why Political Pundits Give Drama Critics a Bad Name” by Charles McNulty (Los Angeles Times: 10/26/18)

“Will We Stop Trump Before It’s Too Late?” by Madeleine Albright (New York Times: 4/6/18)

“How to Succeed in Business? Do Less” by Morten T. Hansen (Wall Street Journal—The Saturday Essay: 1/12/18)

“The Six Laws of Technology Everyone Should Know” by Christopher Mims (Wall Street Journal: 11/26/17)

“How America Lost Its Mind” by Kurt Andersen (The Atlantic: September 2017)

“Can the Tech Giants Be Stopped?” by Jonathan Taplin (Wall Street Journal: 7/14/17)

“What Happened When a 64-Year-Old Liberal Attended His First NRA Convention” by William Alexander (Los Angeles Times: 5/11/17)

“Learning to Love Intelligent Machines” by Garry Kasparov (Wall Street Journal: 4/14/17)

“What Is a Data Scientist, Anyway?” by Deborah Gage (Wall Street Journal: 3/12/17)

“Building Global Community” by Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook: 2/16/17)

“‘Book Doctors’ Say What You Need is a Good Read” by Sarah Sloat (Wall Street Journal: 12/18/16)

“5 Arguments Against Gun Control—And Why They Are All Wrong” by Evan DeFilippis and Devin Hughes (Los Angeles Times: 7/8/16)

“Another Age of Discovery” by Thomas L. Friedman (New York Times: 6/22/16)

“How Trade Made America Great” by Frederick W. Smith (Wall Street Journal: 3/25/16)

“Psychologists and Massage Therapists are Reporting ‘Trump Anxiety’ Among Clients” by Paul Schwartzman (Washington Post: 3/4/16)

“A Message to Our Customers” by Tim Cook (Apple – Answers to Your Questions about Privacy and Security: 2/16/16)

“Why Big Companies Keep Getting Disrupted” by Christopher Mims (Wall Street Journal: 1/25/16)

“End the Gun Epidemic in America” by The Editorial Board (New York Times: 12/4/15)

“The Ethical Challenges Facing Entrepreneurs” by Kirk O. Hanson (Wall Street Journal: 11/23/15)

“How Tom Wolfe Became… Tom Wolfe” by Michael Lewis (Vanity Fair: November 2015)

“Where in the World Did Blockbuster Educational Games Go?” by Bryant Francis (Gamasutra: 5/18/15)

“Ten Moments Sally Draper Will Need to Discuss with her Therapist” by Meredith Blake (Los Angeles Times: 4/3/15)

“Religion’s Role in the History of Ideas” by Michael Roth (Wall Street Journal: Februray 20, 2015)

“NFL’s Modern Day Gladiators Pay the Price as the Crowd Roars” by Bill Plaschke (Los Angeles Times: January 25, 2015)

“The 15 Numbers Every Investor Needs to Know” by Anna Prior (Wall Street Journal: 1/2/15)

“James Patterson is on a Mission to #SaveOurBooks” by Carolyn Kellogg (Los Angeles Times: 12/11/14)

“Potholes on the Uber Ride to Riches” by Andy Kessler (Wall Street Journal: 12/8/14)

“Market Missteps Fuel Inequality” by Josh Zumbrun (Wall Street Journal: 10/27/14)

“The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats” by Nick Hanauer (Politico: 6/26/14)

“Hitting the Road: Twelve Tips for Your Next Book Talk” by Ken Goldstein (Authors First: 5/13/14)

“The Culture of Shut Up” by Jon Lovett (The Atlantic: 4/7/14)

“The Man Who Died Laughing” by Carol Starr Schneider (Los Angeles Times: 3/24/14)

“A Game Plan for Job Seekers” by Brett Arends (Wall Street Journal: 3/7/14)

“Start-Up America: Our Best Hope” by Thomas L. Friedman (New York Times: 2/15/14)

“Why There’s No Outcry” by Robert Reich ( 1/25/14)

“Sorry, Folks, Rich People Don’t Actually ‘Create the Jobs'” by Henry Blodget (Business Insider: 11/29/13)

“Investment Manager Explains Why 99.5% of Americans Can Never Win” by Gus Lubin (Business Insider: 11/13/13)

“The Last Ring” by Bill Plaschke (Los Angeles Times: 7 Article Series Ending 8/25/13)

“The Luxury of Invisible Privilege” by Jackie Summers (The Good Men Project: 7/14/13)

“Management Is (Still) Not Leadership” by John P. Kotter (Harvard Business Review: 1/9/13)

“Eunuchs of the Universe” by Tom Wolfe (The Daily Beast / Newsweek Online: 1/4/13)

“How the Internet Saved the Novel” by L. Gordon Crovitz (Wall Street Journal: 10/14/12)

“Michael Ybarra, Chronicler of Man’s Limits”—Some Excerpts of His Writing (Wall Street Journal: 7/5/12)

“Princeton University’s 2012 Baccalaureate Remarks” by Michael Lewis (News at Princeton: 6/3/12)

“The Iron Law That’s Choking Creativity” by Neal Gabler (Los Angeles Times: 6/3/12)

“Why Did Edutainment Become a Bad Word?” by Ken Goldstein (ACM Computers in Entertainment: 5/1/12)

“For Those Musicals About To Rock” by Rob Weinert-Kendt (Center Theatre Group Program: March 2012)

“NFL’s Mutiny on the Bounties” by Jason Gay (Wall Street Journal: 3/5/12)

“The Writing Life: The Point of the Long and Winding Sentence” by Pico Iyer (Los Angeles Times: 1/8/12)

“Why Software Is Eating The World” by Marc Andreessen (Wall Street Journal: 8/20/11)

“Stop Coddling the Super Rich” by Warren E. Buffett (New York Times: 8/14/11)

“The Elusive Big Idea” by Neal Gabler” (New York Times: 8/13/11)

“Lessons on Investing from America’s Richest Family” by Karen Blumenthal (Wall Street Journal: 8/13/11)

“How a city reached its limit with the Dodgers” by Chris Dufresne (Los Angeles Times: 6/25/11)

“Don’t Know Much About History” Interview with David McCullough by Brian Bolduc (Wall Street Journal: 6/18/11)

“America the stony-hearted” by Neal Gabler (Los Angeles Times: 5/22/11)

“Engineering vs. Liberal Arts: Who’s Right—Bill or Steve?” by Vivek Wadhwa (TechCrunch: 3/21/11)

“The Many Trials of ‘Spider-Man'” by Peter Schneider (Wall Street Journal: 3/11/11)

“Thank You.  No, Thank You” by Melinda Beck (Wall Street Journal: 11/23/10)

“It’s Modern Trade: Web Users Get as Much as They Give” by Jim Harper (Wall Street Journal: 8/7/10)

“How Will You Measure Your Life” by Clayton M. Christensen (Harvard Business Review: July 2010)

”Ocean Acidification’s Ground Zero” by Christopher Pala (Honolulu Weekly: 5/8/10)

“A Manifesto for Change in the Wine Industry” by Time Wark (Fermentation – The Daily Wine Blog: 3/16/10)

“The End of Excess: Is This Crisis Good for America?” by Kurt Andersen (Time Magazine: 3/26/09)

“The Internet vs. books: Peaceful coexistence” by Beau Friedlander (Los Angeles Times: 11/9/08)

“Old Wisdom for New Media” by Ken Goldstein (Brandweek: 5/5/08)

“Must I Bank?” by Jonathan A. Knee (Wall Street Journal: 4/23/08)

“At the Barricades In the Gender Wars” by Jonathan Kaufman and Carol Hymowitz (Wall Street Journal: 3/29/08)

“Management a la Google” by Gary Hamel (Wall Street Journal: 4/26/06)

“Self-help’s big lie” by Steve Salerno (Los Angeles Times: 1/1/06)

“The Education of Andy Grove” by Richard S. Tedlow (Fortune Magazine: 12/12/05)

“Stanford Commencement Address 6/12/05” by Steve Jobs (Stanford Report: 6/14/05)

“My Turn” by Ken Goldstein (Game Daily: January 2004)

“The Serious Business of Literature” by Kate Jennings (Los Angeles Times: 5/11/03)

“What Strategists Can Learn from Sartre” by James Ogilvy ( Strategy + Business, Winter 2003)

“Do You Believe?  How Yahoo! Became A Blue Chip” by Joseph Nocera (Fortune Magazine: 6/7/99)

“Competing Through Innovation: The Case of Broderbund” by Glenn Rifkin (Strategy + Business: 4/1/98)

“The Green Fields of the Mind” by A. Bartlett Giamatti (A Great and Glorious Game—Baseball Writings of A. Bartlett Giamatti: 1998)

“The Ballad of Richard Jewell” by Marie Brenner (Vanity Fair: February 1997)

“Perchance to Dream” by Jonathan Franzen (Harper’s: April 1996)

“Letter from Los Angeles” by Joan Didion (The New Yorker: February 26, 1990)

“Stalking the Billion Footed Beast” by Tom Wolfe (Harper’s Magazine: November 1989)

Corporate Intelligence Radio™ clippings collection selected and edited by Ken Goldstein.

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