The Very Long and Winding Road

The Longevity Project
Book by Howard S. Friedman and Leslie R. Martin
WSJ Review March 9, 2011 by Laura Landro

How To Keep Going and Going

I have not read the whole book, but the summary in this review is intriguing.  It appears this is more observation than advice, but it is hard to argue with a capsule that includes:

“The best childhood predictor of longevity, it turns out, is a quality best defined as conscientiousness: ‘the often complex pattern of persistence, prudence, hard work, close involvement with friends and communities’ that produces a well-organized person who is ‘somewhat obsessive and not at all carefree.'”


“The respondents to the study who fared best in the longevity sweepstakes tended to have a fairly high level of physical activity, a habit of giving back to the community, a thriving and long-running career, and a healthy marriage and family life.  They summoned resilience against reverses and challenges— including divorce, loss of a spouse, career upsets and war trauma.”

Posting this today for me seems especially appropriate and timely, a day that comes once each year to remind us of that certain ALMOST inescapable milestone!  In the words of Mr. Spock, “Live Long and Prosper.”


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